Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
My buddy has a DV Cam and Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Edit DV, etc etc. He says he can produce my video. Can't I do it, or do it with him?

Sure.  And I can pick up a table saw at Lowes and make cabinets - but you wouldn't want them in your kitchen - and don't even ask how long it would take.

We do this every day, and take advanced training. Our experience and expertise will give you a more coherent, better designed and better looking product - faster than any hobbiest.  We also have peripheral equipment such as high end microphones and lighting which make the project look much, much better.  

There are also many differences in cameras. DV and HDV are formats just like 35mm film is a format. Many cameras will accept 35mm film, but they are not all created equal.  Professionals use an SLR for a reason - better lens and better quality pictures in the end.

We have shot and cut more than 5 seasons of on air national content, hundreds of promotional, training, and corporate image pieces -- dozens of tv commercials and fund raising campaigns. Have we seen a project exactly like yours? Perhaps not - but we can sure bet that somewhere in those many hours there is something similar. We spend a great deal of time training ourselves and honing the craft of storytelling through moving pictures, we love what we do. Take advantage of our hard work.

So, that free editing system may look like a bargain - but in the end, you always get what you pay for.

Question 2:
Can I do a CD?

That depends. How do you plan to distribute your project? Do you want it to be interactive or do you just want a linear presentation? Do you want it to play in almost any setting? Do you want it to be able to be shown to large audiences? Do you want your production to collect data on the viewer? All of these questions are important to answer to make sure if your project should be on CD Rom, DVD or just on your computer hard drive.

Question 3:
Who is producing my video?

Smokey's has a highly skilled team of photographers, producers, script writers, and editors. Often one person may take on several rolls within the production and cross training is required of all of our staff . Although they may not be able to do each other's job - they understand so that they better manage the process of film-making. In addition, we have partnerships with some of the best free-lance help in the area, along with experts in computer hardware and software, training, marketing and education so that if necessary we can pull in additional experience.

Question 4:
Why shoot film?

Believe it or not, 16mm and 35mm film are still the preferred format of all high end productions. While HDTV may be on the horizon, there are still many disputes about the final form this format will take. 35mm and 16mm provide the quality of HDTV and "future proof" your production against the HDTV explosion about to take place. In addition, film still provides a look and quality superior to video for most applications.

Question 5:
HD is HD right? /  My buddy says he has a new HD Camera, that's the best right?

Sure, and a Yugo is a car just like a Lexus is.  There are a lot of new, smaller, "HDV" cameras coming onto the market, and they are not all created equal.   Frequently they have smaller chips, and lower quality lenses then professional grade equipment.  Digital doesn't mean perfect, and HD doesn't always mean the highest possible quailty.  

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